About Us

Omega Circuits has provided customers from all over North America, Europe and Asia with high grade PCB's at competitive and reasonable prices. Since 1994, we have been meeting and exceeding our customer's request and expectations while maintaining that family owned business experience. Omega Circuits employees including the president always strive to embrace the growing printed circuit board technology, by attending seminars on new machines, materials and processes used to manufacture printed circuit boards and implementing what we learned to our manufacturing process. The management at Omega Circuits is always open to suggestions by each department employee to help streamline each department or help better the quality in each process of manufacturing.

The manufacturing of our PCB's is in compliance with the International Quality System Standard ISO 9001:2008. Our company has been certified since 2004 and can guarantee our products to be of the highest quality. All of our products, materials and processes are UL recognized as well.

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